April 28, 2011


I have a friend who inspired me to do this (thanks Chelse). I get caught in a funk sometimes and can't seem to find the beauty of my day to day so here's what is making me happy today:

  • I didn't straightening my hair today and I am LOVING the simplicity of it...even if it is poofy and wavy and probably not attractive at all.
  • The ability to breathe at work.  Today was not a busy or slow day, just a perfectly breathable day.
  • I'm getting a nightguard today.  For most of the world, this wouldn't be on their list.  For me, I'm so excited.  I spend every second of the night clenching and causing so much damage to my teeth that everyone at my dentists office knows who I am.  No, this is not a good thing.  So I am definitely thankful for this one.
  • Aaron graduates in two weeks.  YAY YAY YAY!  I wish I could explain how happy this makes me.  No more stress of class and all nighters and essays for him.  And when Aaron's happy, I'm sooo happy.  
  • Aaron told me that when he got home today my boys, dogs, kept going back to the garage door waiting for me to come inside too.  I love that they love me!  :)
  • And most importantly, I am so thankful for my spouse.  I have the best man and my best friend as my husband.  He is so good to me and is so funny and so attentive and so handsome and so AMAZING!  I'm seriously so thankful for that man and that he balances out my crazy.  He hugs me when I need it even though snuggling hurts his back.  He always makes sure I have a lunch to take with me to work and makes me dinner when I've had a long day.  He wipes my tears when my heart breaks.  He laughs at my jokes even though I know I'm not very funny.  I love you sweetheart, thank you for being mine!
It's so easy for me to forget all of these amazing things and having to list them out like this was kind of hard.  But I'm glad I did.  I can't wait to get home and give Aaron a big fatty kiss and show him how grateful I am for him.