May 15, 2014

Dear Teben

Dear Baby Teben,

What can I say? You've done it again. You continue to amaze and impress us every day.

Your daddy got to feel your hiccups for the first time yesterday. You don't get them very often so when you got them yesterday morning while I was still laying in bed I wanted to make sure your daddy got to feel them too. He came over and put his hand on my belly and pointed out each and every hiccup. And then he said, "Poor baby!". I couldn't understand why poor baby. I love it when you get the hiccups! But he said that hiccups hurt and he didn't want you to have them. He was so worried about you! He loves you so much already Teben. He tells me all the time how he is ready to have you in his arms. He's going to be such a good daddy to you! 

You're getting really big now. You're already about 17 inches long! And boy do I feel that sometimes. You move all day long. I love to put my hand on my belly and feel you move. And I love watching you move. My belly sure can dance thanks to you! Your favorite spot to hang out for your cute little bum and little legs is right under my ribs on the right side. I can almost always find your bum pushed right up against my ribs...and I love it! And then you stretch your little legs out and boy do you have pointy little heels. But you know what baby? I even love the pain of your pointy heels. Every kick to the ribs and every poke of your heels lets me feel you and know that you are healthy and growing. I love every second and every movement. I love you baby boy. I had no idea how much I could love you without even seeing you yet. But I do! You have become my world and I can't wait to show you how much you mean to me.

Are you sure you're not ready to come meet us yet? We wouldn't mind! Ok, I guess it's alright if you stay in there just a little longer. But July 19th can't come soon enough. We are ready for you baby boy!

Baby's size is?  Almost 17 inches and 3 1/2 pounds
Total weight gain?  20 pounds
Maternity clothes?  Oh yes...and I need more!
Stretch marks? No thank goodness.  But I'm getting more and more nervous with how big I'm getting.
Sleep?  Sleeping used to be my favorite thing in the world.  I couldn't wait to climb into bed every night.  Now I dread it.  My back hurts a lot and ribs are so painful.  My pillows don't even really help anymore.  Just two more months though.  I can do this!
Exercise?  I've been going to a prenatal yoga class for the last couple of months.  I thought it would be just stretching but no.  I come out of there sweating every time!
Miss Anything?  Just sleeping well.
Movement?  YES!!!  This baby boy not only moves but he dances.  It seems like he is constantly awake anymore and I love feeling and watching him move.
Food cravings?  I crave chocolate ice cream and Frosty's constantly.  I can't get enough.  Which is kind of weird because I've never really been an ice cream person.  Weird!  
Labor Signs?  Nothing beyond my continued contractions since my hospital stay.
Happy or Moody most of the time?  Happy!!!  
Best moment this week?  Having Aaron get to feel the hiccups.  I also had two baby showers this last week and they were amazing!  My friends and co-workers spoiled me!
Looking forward to?  Having this darn baby already.  I can't believe I still have two months.  I am so ready to meet him.