May 24, 2011

Graduation? I never thought this day would come!

This post is a little late but...

He did it!

Aaron is finally graduated!  This was a day long in the making and well worth the wait.  I'm so proud of my graduate!
Aaron's parents weren't able to make it for his graduation but my Mom and Dad were able to come down for the weekend and I'm so glad they did.  It was so nice to have their support and to have them to help us celebrate.    

So here's how our day went {it was a busy day}:

We woke up really early because Aaron had to get there by 8:00.  Ok maybe that doesn't count as "really early", but on a Saturday's early.  We woke up, had a nutrition packed breakfast consisting of Coco Puffs, then Aaron and I headed out the door.  Aaron left to meet up where ever it was he was supposed to meet and I got in line.  5th in line by the way, yay me!  That's how I know I was there early!  Then I got in and found seats and I waited, and told people "yes, these 8 seats are saved" over and over again until my parents showed up about a half hour later.  Then my sister Jenny showed up with her family at about 5 minutes to 10:00am.  It started at 10:00am.  But they made it! 

When all the graduates came in and graduation started, we were able to find Aaron in the crowd but he couldn't find us.  So what did I do?  I turned on the strobe light on my phone until he finally saw me {ducking my head in shame}.  The graduation ceremony was actually very good and had some great speakers.  Oh ya, also super cool, we had the "BOISE..." "...STATE" cheer going with the graduates.  Apparently that was the first time that has ever happened at a graduation.  Ya, we're that cool!  I was so ecstatic to see him receive his diploma.  And his family was able to watch it live over the internet so that was really cool.  I'm so glad they got to see that all the way from TEXAS!

After graduating we snapped a few pictures...

This one is my favorite!!!

This one isn't far behind though...

...then we headed to TGIFridays where Mom and Dad bought us a celebratory lunch.  {Let me just instert that the Jack Daniels burger is AMAZING!}  Thank you guys!

After that we went home and went to my niece Trinity's birthday party (2nd one that week :) ).  Then after a long busy day we finally got home and crawled into bed. 

I'm so proud of my graduate!!!  Thanks to everyone who helped get him here.  I love you spouse!

May 5, 2011

Waking up...

This post is a little personal but I figure that the people who read my blog already are close to me and won't mind.  It's also seemingly inconsequential but it certainly didn't feel like it to me at the time, and even now looking back.  It all started with my dream last night. 

It finally happened, I got my miracle.  My prayers had been answered and I was finally pregnant.  It was such a blessing.  I understood my Heavenly Fathers plan for me and all of that waiting finally made sense.  You know how sometimes dreams are just a jumbled mess and don't make a whole lot of sense?  Well this one wasn't like that.  This one made complete sense.  I couldn't wait to tell Aaron!  The complete JOY of it was amazing.  It was the best feeling!  Through the dream I kept going from family member to family member telling them that I was pregnant and it was amazing.  It was like real life, I just went about my days.  I was pretty protective of my belly but I was so happy!  This dream lasted the whole night... 

...and then I woke up.  It was such an instant disappointment and heart break that I couldn't believe I had to wake up and come back to reality.  Why couldn't my dream be my reality?  I just wanted to go back to my dream.  It left an ache and a hole that stayed for most of the morning.  When is my time? 

I didn't write this so that people would feel sorry for me because that's not what I want.  I'm more content and at peace with my situation than I have ever been.  Although right now all this waiting doesn't necessarily make sense yes, I know that God has a plan for me and I just have to be patient.  I've been promised children and I know that He will follow through on his promises.  I know it will happen at some point and I know I have been blessed in my patience and in my faith.  I feel very similar to my sister and how she is feeling in her own life right now.  She is praying for a miracle but isn't sure if it coincides with God's will and I am doing the same thing.  I think all we can do is keep praying in faith for our individual miracles until God's will is revealed to us.  This isn't a poor me post for sympathy, this is a post more for me than for anyone else.  This is what I'm feeling and I needed to put it into words.

May 2, 2011

I love that man!

Aaron had to go to school the other day to work on an essay and left me home all alone which was kind of a bummer.  Around 2:00pm I went into the kitchen for a snack and saw this little note on the microwave:

How cute is this?

Then I opened up the pantry, still in search of a snack and saw this on our whiteboard that is hung up on the back of the door:

I love his little reminders that show me how much he loves me.