November 10, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

I've seen Awkward and Awesome posts on quite a few blogs lately.  Can I just say right now that I love it?  Sometimes it's the best post of the week. 

So who am I to break the tradition? 

Here goes...

  • Waking up to a dog standing on my hair and licking my face.  Umm, can I have my head back please?  Thanks!
  • Going into a liquor store for the first time in my life to buy alcohol that I won't be drinking only to have the lady decide not to sell it to us.  Spouse had his ID but if forgot my wallet at home.  It probably didn't help when she asked my birth date and I stuttered over the date.  "Lady, please sell alcohol to this guy who's probably buying it for this girl who's probably under age.  Please?"
  • Having your 2 year old dog sit on your lap for the first time after being neutered and realizing that it's just a empty flap of skin on you.  Yes, I just went there. 
  • Accusing someone of doing something that they adamantly deny and then finding out that they actually didn't do it.  Oops, sorry person!
  • Realizing that I've got a true honest to goodness addiction to pinterest.  It's a hard realization!

  • Realizing that I've got a true honest to goodness addiction to pinterest.  It's just one of those joys in life!
  • Having the spouse call you up and invite you to lunch on a work day.  Why yes kind sir, I would love to have lunch with you!
  • Hooters hot sauce.  Have you had hooters hot sauce?  If not you need to get in the car right now and go to walmart, pick up some popcorn chicken from the freezer aisle, grab a jar of hot sauce, and go home immediately and make it.  Seriously, you need to do this.  Or you can just go to Hooters, either way.  It's delicious!
  • Being married to my amazing husband for almost 5 years now and knowing that our anniversary is in 1 week!  I love you honey!
  • Wearing my super comfy Toms to work.  What?  You can totally rock the Toms under a pair of black slacks!
  • Awkward and Awesome Thursdays.  They're totally AWESOME!

See, I told you you can rock toms and slacks!