January 20, 2016


My heart is broken right now.  I just found out that a dear friend of ours committed suicide on Monday.  How can that possibly be real?  Peter Faber was one of the most happy, fun loving, selfless and generous people that I knew.  How can someone so amazing ever find himself so low that he feels like death is the only option?  Death has never really hit me hard or affected me deep to my core.  But then again, the only death that I have ever known has been natural.  Death happens, and when it does there is so much good waiting for you on the other side, so why be sad?  But this kind of death shouldn't happen.  Peter's death shouldn't happen.  His death is hitting me very hard and the tears just keep flowing. 

Peter has...had...a wife and daughter.  Libby is only one and a half years old.  She will never grow up to know what an amazing man her father was.  She's not going to understand why Daddy just isn't around anymore.  And Cheryl.  Poor Cheryl.  She has to live every day knowing that the love of her life is gone.  He's just gone.  Out of nowhere.  I can't imagine the pain she is going through right now.  Peter what did you do?

Another part of the heartbreak for me is regret.  I should have been a better friend.  I knew that he had been struggling with depression ever since Libby was born.  I knew that the last few times that I saw him he just wasn't the same happy guy that I knew.  Seeing that, we should have made a better effort to spend time with them.  Peter, I am so sorry I wasn't as good of a friend to you that you always were to us.  It breaks my heart that you will no longer be in our lives and that Teben won't grow up knowing his Uncle Peter.   

He probably didn't know it but I always considered Peter to be one of my dearest friends.  I am so grateful for his friendship, even if I didn't get to hold on to it for very long.  The world lost someone amazing and it is truly a sadder place now that he's gone.  Peter, you are loved and you will forever be missed!