August 18, 2013

Boost to my ego...

I was walking home from church today, all by myself unfortunately.  Aaron had mandatory work today because of the football season coming up so he left right after the sacrament.  Anyway, that's beside the point.

I'm walking home when all of the sudden I hear yelling coming from behind me.  There were these two guys in their late teens to early twenties yelling out the window at who I'm assuming was one of their friends that I had just passed on my walk home.  When they passed me the passenger yelled out the window to me.

"You're beautiful!" he said.

They were driving pretty slow so a few seconds later he sticks his head out the window and yelled back at me.

"No seriously!  You should call me."

And a few seconds after that he yells one last time before their truck rounded the corner.

"9.7.4-!" (Or something close to that anyway.)

Haha, I couldn't help but laugh and feel flattered.  Sure, he was just some random young guy making noise as he drove by...but hey, I'll take it!

So thank you random guy.  Thank you for the quick boost to my ego and self esteem that totally made my day!

Me on my walk home!

I wonder if he would have still felt the same way if he knew that I was 27 and married???  Oh well, I guess some things are better left unsaid sometimes.  :)