February 8, 2014

15, 16, & 17 Weeks

I can feel the baby!  I think I've actually been feeling it for about 2 weeks now but I just wasn't sure.  I felt it for the first time one morning while I was laying in bed...I think.  I felt such a tiny, faint little flutter in my belly.  And that was it.  And then I wondered, "Did I really just feel that?"  "Did I imagine that?"  And then there was nothing for days.  Then I felt that same little flutter a few days later.  But it was just so soft!  Was I just wanting to feel it so bad that I was tricking my mind into thinking I was feeling the baby kick?  I just didn't know.  And then it was about a week without feeling anything.  So at that point I knew it had to be in my head.

I had my 16 week appointment where my doctor told me that a lot of first time moms won't feel anything until around 20-22 weeks.  Are you kidding me???  I've clearly been expecting this for the last week or so so this was devastating to hear.  But, baby had different plans.  About 3 days ago baby started moving like crazy.  There's no question anymore.  I get so excited every time I feel it!  It's so much stronger than it was a couple weeks ago.  It is such a unique amazing feeling and I am loving every single little tap, kick, and wiggle.  I can't wait for Aaron to be able to feel it too.  

I swear, pregnancy is the weirdest thing.  When you get the positive pregnancy test you think you understand and grasp that it's real.  Then you get to the first ultrasound and see the heartbeat and you think it's finally sinking in.  Then you get to the next ultrasound and get to hear the heartbeat and see your baby starting to become a baby and you think, "Now it's real and I understand that I'm actually pregnant".  But then it's hard to grasp the concept that you've actually got a baby growing inside you again.  And now I can finally feel the baby moving inside of me and I feel like it's clicking.  There's a baby in there!!!  But I know that that will continue throughout the entire pregnancy.  With each milestone it will feel more and more real until finally, there will be a beautiful sweet little baby in my arms.  I can't wait for that moment when everything that Aaron and I have been working for for so long is finally a tangible reality of parenthood!

Dear Baby Boutilier,

My sweet, sweet baby...where do I start.  You have blown my mind over the last week.  I am so happy and constantly aware of you lately.  Every little kick, or wiggle, or twitch, or whatever it is that you're doing in there, I am completely in love.  I've been trying so hard to explain the feeling to your daddy but unless you're feeling it, I'm not sure you can ever really understand what a beautiful bonding moment it is to be able to feel you move inside me.  You're amazing!  You are so loved already and I can't wait to continue to bond with you and watch you grow from out here.  Keep growing strong my baby.  Only 5 more months until you're in our arms.  Your mommy and daddy are enjoying every moment of this journey and we can't wait to meet you!

Your Mommy  

Baby is the size of a:  Sweet Potato
Total weight gain?  5 1/2 pounds

Maternity clothes?  No but that's not for lack of needing them.  My belly band will only work for so much longer.  I definitely need to go get some maternity slacks for work.
Stretch marks? Not yet!

Sleep?  Sleeping has started to get kind of rough for me.  My stomach with one leg kicked out has been my go to position but that has been killing my hips lately.  And laying on my side is killing my back.  Weird.  I didn't expect to have these troubles until I was much bigger and further along.  
Exercise?  No.  And I'm ashamed of that.
Miss Anything?  Not anything that I can think of right now.
Movement?  YES!!!  See above for details.
Food cravings?  Still no cravings.  
Labor Signs?  Nope!
Happy or Moody most of the time?  Happy!!!  Although I do occasionally snap at Aaron and then immediately feel so guilty.  I'm totally blaming the hormones for that.
Best moment this week?  Feeling the baby kick by far.  It was also a really good moment to be able to hear the heartbeat on the doppler for the first time this last week.  And finally, one of the best moments I've had and continue to have is Aaron.  He loves watching my belly grow and is constantly complimenting me on it.  We have this thing that we do which is really dumb but anytime one of us says that the other is hot or looking good the other will say "no you're hot".  The other day that happened and Aaron said "No you're beautiful.  Especially with your pregnant belly."  Seriously, that melted me.  I love that he finds pregnancy sexy.  It makes me love him even more than I already do.
Looking forward to?  Finding out the sex of the baby.  2 1/2 weeks to go.  I can't wait to find out if our little nugget is a he or she!