May 24, 2011

Graduation? I never thought this day would come!

This post is a little late but...

He did it!

Aaron is finally graduated!  This was a day long in the making and well worth the wait.  I'm so proud of my graduate!
Aaron's parents weren't able to make it for his graduation but my Mom and Dad were able to come down for the weekend and I'm so glad they did.  It was so nice to have their support and to have them to help us celebrate.    

So here's how our day went {it was a busy day}:

We woke up really early because Aaron had to get there by 8:00.  Ok maybe that doesn't count as "really early", but on a Saturday's early.  We woke up, had a nutrition packed breakfast consisting of Coco Puffs, then Aaron and I headed out the door.  Aaron left to meet up where ever it was he was supposed to meet and I got in line.  5th in line by the way, yay me!  That's how I know I was there early!  Then I got in and found seats and I waited, and told people "yes, these 8 seats are saved" over and over again until my parents showed up about a half hour later.  Then my sister Jenny showed up with her family at about 5 minutes to 10:00am.  It started at 10:00am.  But they made it! 

When all the graduates came in and graduation started, we were able to find Aaron in the crowd but he couldn't find us.  So what did I do?  I turned on the strobe light on my phone until he finally saw me {ducking my head in shame}.  The graduation ceremony was actually very good and had some great speakers.  Oh ya, also super cool, we had the "BOISE..." "...STATE" cheer going with the graduates.  Apparently that was the first time that has ever happened at a graduation.  Ya, we're that cool!  I was so ecstatic to see him receive his diploma.  And his family was able to watch it live over the internet so that was really cool.  I'm so glad they got to see that all the way from TEXAS!

After graduating we snapped a few pictures...

This one is my favorite!!!

This one isn't far behind though...

...then we headed to TGIFridays where Mom and Dad bought us a celebratory lunch.  {Let me just instert that the Jack Daniels burger is AMAZING!}  Thank you guys!

After that we went home and went to my niece Trinity's birthday party (2nd one that week :) ).  Then after a long busy day we finally got home and crawled into bed. 

I'm so proud of my graduate!!!  Thanks to everyone who helped get him here.  I love you spouse!

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  1. YAAAY AARON! This is sooo exciting! :) Happy for both of ya, and seriously, CUTE pics!!