September 19, 2012

On disciplining the kids.

If we're friends on Facebook then you've already seen this.  But I had to add it to my blog as well.  As mad as it makes me, the picture is just to funny to ignore. 

While my dogs are normally oh so cute and oh so well behaved, sometimes they are little devils!  And lately, they might as well be possessed by old Beelzebub himself.  Terrors I tell you!

So my dang dogs have been acting up while Aaron and I are at work lately and they will take whatever they can find around the house into the backyard.  What?!  None of our disciplining seems to be helping the situation.  They act all demure and repentant while we are administering said discipline, but as soon as we are done they are as happy and excited as can be.  I think it's all an act!  When I got home from work today and saw that they did it AGAIN I had had it! They managed to get into our laundry room and spread clothes all around the house and into the back yard.  You see what I mean, Terrors!  So after the normal disciplining was over, I decided they needed a little bit more since the norm didn't seem to be working.  I made them lay and stay for about 5 minutes with the towel and shorts on their heads. (Those were the things they had taken outside.)  They were not fans.

Is that mean? I'm so over it! Hopefully this one will sink in. :)

Muahahaha! That will teach you to mess with my dirty laundry.
(P.S. It wasn't actually 5 minutes.  It was only about 2.  And they totally deserved it!!!)

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