January 28, 2014


Pregnancy hormones are weird.

You know how I thought I got away with having no pregnancy symptoms? Well, I forgot about one teeny, tiny, part. Hormones.

I cry, a lot. But it's not like I breakdown in a full out cry or anything. I just tear up quite frequently. And it's weird because logically I know that the things I'm crying about are just dumb, but it's like my tear ducts have a mind of their own these days.

"Oh you're just watching a commercial and someone is sad or depressed?" ...cry...

"Oh you're just reading a book about werewolves and some random stranger gets bit?" ...cry...

"Oh you're not doing anything in particular, just remembering how good your primary kids were in church today?" ...cry...

And this next one's my favorite.

"Oh you're just watching Ridiculousness and a clip comes on of a teenage boy who just came out of anesthesia and is on his way home when he waves to a passing car and the person in the car doesn't wave back and it hurts his feelings so bad that he starts to cry?" Oh ya, you guessed it. ...cry... I was laughing so hard at the clip and then I just got so sad that he was sad and I started crying. It was pathetic. I was still laughing and I was crying with tears running down my face at the same time, and I couldn't stop!  Uncontrollable.  I'm pretty sure Aaron thought I was losing my mind! Haha!

What is wrong with me?!? I sure hope other pregnant women go through the same exact thing. It would go a long way in re-affirming my sanity. For the time being anyway!

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