October 5, 2010

I LOVE to bake!!!

So...I love to bake...a lot...

I think I inherited a lot more from my mom than I originally thought. Growing up I always watched her in the kitchen and thought, "Well that looks fun! But waaaay too time consuming!" Then I started baking...not cooking...and didn't have great success but I thought it was fun anyway. Then I started cooking. I had more success with this because I was actually growing up and not 6 anymore. I thought it was fun, but I spent all that time cooking and then watched it be consumed within 5 minutes and then it was over. Not my idea of a great time.
Now that I'm an adult and having to cook and bake for my own family, it's definately grown on me. I still think cooking is a blast for only a few minutes of satisfaction. But I love it and there might be some posts about that on here. But baking, now that's a completely different story. I've definately gotten A LOT better than when I was 6...just so you know. And baking has kind of become my passion lately. All day I dream about the cupcakes and cakes and pies and cookies and treats I can make. And how I can decorate them just so for different occasions. So I thought that instead of making all these fantastic things and having them scarfed by only Aaron and myself, I would take a couple pictures of the successes...or failures...and put them up on here. That way I can remember what worked and what turned out beautifully so that I can do them again! I'll also put up the recipes so that if any of them look good to anyone else, they'll be here to share. I just wish I had more time to devote to this. Oh well, I get it in when I can.
I'm excited...

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