October 4, 2010

Update 'till Now

So I'm not going to pretend to be a clever, funny, emotion evoking, or even a good writer. But I'm 24 years old, Aaron is 27, and we've got almost no documentation of the past four years together. Until now. I guarantee this won't be steady or probably even often, but if I can get on here to post something from our lives even once every couple of months, then I'll be a heck of a lot better off than before. So I'll start from the beginning...

Just over four years ago, I was dating a beautifully seductive Latino man from Equador. It was while I was dating Jorge that I first laid eyes on the man who is now my husband. You see, Aaron and Jorge were roommates up at BYU - Idaho. When Aaron first walked into their apartment, I think I was probably making out with Jorge (that seemed to be our best activity together. That and latin dancing...wow that boy could dance!) Anyway, Aaron walked in and my first thought was that he was extremely attractive. I've always been drawn to the shorter, well built men. But that was it. He was busy pining over another girl and making scrapbooks for her (sappy, I know) and I was busy being swooned by Jorge. Not long after, I realized that Jorge was a little too grabby for me so that ended. I saw Aaron around campus every once and a while, always with a different girl mind you, but didn't think much of it. He finally came over to talk to me in the library one day where he beat around the bush and hinted at going out sometime. I took the bull by the horns, asked him to take me for a ride on his motorcycle, and we were kissing by the end of the day. We spent many many days on his motorcycle and in his basement apartment watching movie after movie. I think "I love you" came about a week and half after day one...I said it first by the way...and after three proposals (you heard me right, THREE) and one "yes", we were married. Total timeline was 3 months. When you know you know...you know?

(This was our engagement picture!)

Anyway, we were married November 17, 2006 and have lived in Rexburg, Dallas, Rexburg again, and Boise. We moved to Boise in May of 2008 where Aaron transfered to Boise State and got an internship with Northwestern Mutual. I was a medical assistant for a while...yes I miss it terribly, but now also work at Northwestern Mutual. Aaron went full time with Northwestern at the beginning of this year and did really well. But he decided that he needed to finish with schooling so he left Northwestern, left me all alone, and went back to school full time. He is now finishing up school while I work to pay the bills.

That's about us up 'till now. Oh ya, we got a boxer puppy in 2008. His name is Dozer and he is extremely sweet and eager to please. Then in April of 2009 we bought our first house. A little bit of a fixer upper but it's so amazing to have a place of our own! Another boxer puppy came to us in 2009. His name is Tank and he is definately a TANK! He is so big but amazingly sweet. He's very quick to obey...unless he's distracted with something else. Then he can tune you out like you're not even there. Both our dogs have become our babies. They've definately filled the void until we can get some little ones of our own.

That's life. Not super exciting, but it's ours and we love it!!!


  1. Tyann!! Good girl starting a blog! I don't think I ever knew about Jorge!! Thats hilarious!

  2. Oh ya, Jorge was definately one of my guilty pleasures. Did you know him?